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Founded in 1991, locally owned, and not a franchise!


We are open during this time, and are extremely committed to your safety!

We hope you and your family are doing well during this unique period.

We have been cleaning approximately 80% of our clients throughout this period and have had zero reported problems of our clients or our staff getting sick.

The health experts are very confident that by staying six feet apart – even if you’re around a contagious person – you will not become infected. With this is mind, here are the steps we are taking to protect you and our staff during this time:

1. We have very powerful, high-intensity ultraviolet lights specifically designed for disinfecting and killing human pathogens, including the COVID-19 coronavirus. These are the same lights and technology that hospitals and planes use to disinfect.

Immediately before each cleaning, the equipment that we use throughout your home and our shoes will be disinfected with the UV light. The feather duster we use will only be used in your home that day, and will not be reused until the next day, and will be disinfected with the UV light right before we start to clean your home.

We can also disinfect areas of your home with this light if you are interested (for an additional fee).

2. All staff are now cleaning solo the vast majority of the time, so usually only one person will be in your home during your cleaning. On the rare occasion there are two people, they will practice appropriate social distancing.

3. We will not send anyone to your home who is sick in any way. We are not cleaning any homes where someone is sick.

4. We will do far better than the 6-feet apart rule! Our cleaner will stay at least an entire room apart from everyone in your home. Our cleaners will accommodate your personal preference regarding distancing. 

5. If you request, she will wear a face covering while we are in your home. (The CDC and health experts say this is only recommended when staying 6 feet apart cannot happen). As with social distancing, simply let us know what you prefer, and we will honor your wishes regarding masks while we are guests in your home.

6. She will wash her hands thoroughly before each phase of cleaning your home. She will wear gloves for certain portions of cleaning, and at your request, she will wear gloves for the entire cleaning. These gloves will be frequently changed out and washed daily. In addition, our cleaners use clean gloves for each home they visit.

7. We have deep cleaned and sanitized our entire office and all cleaning equipment before shutting the office down so that the staff could operate remotely.

We feel that by following these procedures you are very well protected from any risks. Again, we have been cleaning approximately 80% of our clients throughout this period and have had zero reported problems of our clients or our staff getting sick.

We can also provide a special wipe down of all frequently handled surfaces with a disinfectant shown to be effective on the influenza virus, herpes, HIV viruses and coronaviruses. The recent COVID-19 coronavirus is too new to have been tested, however, this specific virus is categorized as an “enveloped virus,” which our products are proven to be effective against. Please let us know when you call if you are interested in this service.


  • Our staff is paid by the time they spend in your home cleaning, so each time your home gets the thoroughness it deserves!
  • We also pay them a daily bonus that they only receive for achieving our standards of thoroughness.
    We also pay them profit sharing so they work with the incentive of an owner
  • We are large enough to be extremely reliable and small enough to give you very personal service!
    We tailor your cleaning to your exact needs
  • We are very pet friendly and have hundreds of very happy references to give to you!


  • Individual Maids are typically paid the same for each cleaning. This gives them incentive to rush your cleaning since they make the same money no matter the time they spend. We do the opposite!
  • If anything changes in their schedule, or they need a day off, or they have a problem with equipment of their car,
    you don’t get your house cleaned!
  • If you need to reschedule, they have a very hard time rescheduling, because there is no backup
    and their schedule is usually full.
  • Usually they do not carry insurance or bonding, nor pay workers comp nor payroll taxes! This transfers the liability of these to you! For more than $600 per year in domestic help, you are responsible for paying payroll taxes if the domestic help (maids) do not pay them.
  • It will cost them a lot of money if they do provide all of these for you, and they will usually have to charge very similar rates to the large cleaning franchise chains.


  • Large companies usually pay their staff a fixed amount per cleaning, which motivates the staff to hurry…
    which is how corners get cut!
  • They have a lot more overhead, expensive advertising programs and franchise fees…
    and are typically substantially more expensive than us.
  • They simply do not give you the kind of personal attention that we do.

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